Experience of 150 people

Ready, Steady, Go Dutch

Available in Autumn 2013, Ready, Steady, Go Dutch is a must-have resource for anyone planning on settling in the Netherlands, or who has been here a little longer. This innovative English-language publication is a handy 100-page paperback full of tips, tricks, and testimonials from expats and internationals, who have already “gone Dutch”. The book has been compiled from the experiences of some 150 people from all over the world.


A sneak preview:

About filing your taxes:

The tax office won’t speak English to you and you might end up having to do your tax return online anyway. So you will need to find someone to help you if you don’t speak Dutch.
Shirley, Scottish

About making friends:

Whenever I see a mountain bike, I know the rider is a new-comer. There is a good reason why locals do not use them, and new-comers should follow that lead. The city bikes are ten-fold more comfortable. If one plans to stay long, it is a good idea to invest in a good bike that is also not uncommon (to minimize the risk of theft).
Jim, student

Or simply dealing with the weather:

The weather is very bad but don’t let it get to you. Be prepared and go outside anyway – everyone is still out and about. The cold months make for nice and cosy cafes and bars.
Ally, Australian

What they say about the book

More info: buy the book

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