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The Netherlands attract expats

The Netherlands wants to attract more talent from abroad.

The Netherlands must become a more attractive destination for talented foreign students, researchers and knowledge workers.

Knowlegde beeld

The Social and Economic Council published an advisory opinion entitled ‘Make it in the Netherlands!’, which underscores the importance of attracting and retaining talented foreign students. The government agrees with the SER that students – both international and Dutch – are a boon not only for institutions of higher education but also for the private sector and the Netherlands as a whole. The government notes, especially, that this could also result in a larger pool of skilled workers for certain sectors, like hi-tech R&D, without crowding out Dutch candidates on the labour market.

more information: Dutch News


Julidans 2013 festival

Amsterdam |  On different locations in  july sets the stage for cutting edge performances by both leading and upcoming dancers and choreographers from around the world!

For more information about this 23rd edition of Julidans, see I am expat.

Position of housing markets

German Logo of the ECB.

German Logo of the ECB. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Begin this year publish CPB analysis of the consequences of the current financial position of Dutch banks in relation to the mortgage and housing markets and, following from that, for the current situation of the Dutch economy.

CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis to analyses the consequences of the current financial position of banks in relation to the mortgage and housing markets and, following from that, for the current situation of the Dutch economy. This study was to include both the economic and structural aspects of that relationship. CPB honors this request in so far as the questions can be answered on the basis of available expertise and research capacity. The conclusion is that the mortgage interest rates in the Netherlands, according to European Central Bank (ECB) statistics, are around 1% higher than in the surrounding countries.

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The Alkmaar cheese market

Say cheese, say Alkmaar

In 1365, the city owned one pair of cheese scales only, but this increased to four in 1612. The kaasdragersgilde (cheese carrier’s guild) is first mentioned in the archives

in 1619. 1593, however, is considered the first year of the cheese market, which has always taken place on the Waagplein. This square has been extended several times; in the course of two centuries, it was enlarged no fewer than eight times before it reached its current dimensions, which proves the importance of cheese trade for the city.

In the 17th century, cheese was traded on Fridays and Saturdays from May until All Saint’s Day, and in the 18th century on four days a week.

The cheesemarket Alkmaar 2013 will take place from March 29th untill september 6th, every fridaymorning on the Waagplein.

Program (subject to confirmation):

  • 09.50: Welcoming the visitors
  • 09.55:  Introduction of the bell-ringer
  • 10.00: The bell is rung and the market is opened
  • 10.05 – 10.50: Verbal presentation to visitors,
    in Dutch, German, English and French
  • 10.50 – 11.15: Performance by the carillon
  • 11.20 – 12.05:  Verbal presentation to
    visitors, in Dutch, German, English and French
  • 12.15 – 12.45 : Performance by the carillon
  • 12.30: Cheese Market closes

For more info:
Say cheese, say Alkmaar

Expat Survival Guide Helping Children Cope

Nice blog round Expat and the kids.



Expat Survival Guide


Children: seen and heard

Their happiness is your happiness. Be honest about the move and avoid making promises you can’t fulfil (like their friends coming to visit).

Before the move, encourage them to research online (or view photos); keep your attitude positive and treat it like an adventure. It will be impossible for them not to feel excited.

TearsAvoid showing any stress you may be feeling in front of your children; they will pick up on it and it will fuel their own anxieties.  It’s a good idea to ask them straight up about their own concerns, since you can then tackle each worry head on. Let them know that it’s ok to feel frightened by change and encourage them to share their feelings.

Involve them in decision-making and let them share their opinions. They’ll feel more secure knowing that they’re being heard and treated…

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Surinamese fabrics

The exhibition “The Black Page of the Golden Age ‘uses colored fabrics with special designs. Nine different fabrics and two Surinamese African fabrics highlight the objects and slavery track by the Golden Age exhibition. The Surinamese substances come from Koto Museum in Paramaribo.

Visit Amsterdam Museum — Kalverstraat 92

Amsterdam Museum has rich collection of works of art, objects and archaeological finds brings to life the fortunes of Amsterdammers of days gone by and today. From a medieval child’s shoe and the map of Cornelis Antonisz from 1538, giving a bird’s-eye view of the city, to the impressive Civic Guard paintings from the Golden Age. Photos and film material show the happy times as well as the drama of the modern city’s inhabitants. You’ll witness the poverty in the Jordaan area in the 19th century, but also the idealism of the sixties and Ajax’s success at football.

suriname stof2

Amsterdam Museum

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Beethovenserie 2013/14

Gustavo Dudamel
From the New World

The Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel conducts Esteban Benzecry’s Illapa, named for the Inca god of thunder and lightning and suitably wild. The mezzo-soprano Christianne Stotijn is the soloist for Peter Liberson’s Neruda Songs, based on poems by the Chilian Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda.

Dvorák’s symphony nr 9, From the New World, will also be performed.

Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, June 5, 6, 7 and 8 (matinee).

Veronika Eberle in
the programme by Heinz Holliger

Veronika Eberle is the soloist for Alban Berg’s violin concerto. Also on the programme are two works by Heinz Holliger, who also conducts. Zwei Liszt-Transkriptionen is an orchestration of two of Liszt’s late piano concertos; Ardeur Noire is a new work and a homage to Debussy. The orchestra also plays Bernd Alois Zimmermann’s Alagoanna.

Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, June 13 and 14.

More info on: Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Amsterdam Turns Green

Nice spring pictures of Amsterdam


instagram asmterdamming spring green10

instagram asmterdamming spring green8

instagram asmterdamming spring green1

instagram asmterdamming spring green3

instagram asmterdamming spring green11

instagram asmterdamming spring green7

instagram asmterdamming spring green4

instagram asmterdamming spring green5

instagram asmterdamming spring green2

These are some photos I took – via Instagram – in the last couple of days just walking down the street (you may find them all on Instagram if you search for #amsterdamming).
It is simply impossible not to be charmed by the delicate arrival of Spring in the city!

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