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Cycle Parade for Bicycle Museum

Schermafbeelding 2013-05-23 om 08.48.45Last Sunday a large group of people cycling on a wide variety of very different bicycles made a tour through. The Cycle Parade through Amsterdam to celebrate the opening of the Bicycle Museum. The temporary museum is open until 29th of June and can be found in Oosterkerk

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Passageway Rijksmuseum: Officially open for cyclist

Amsterdam | After 10 years the cyclists passed through the Rijksmuseum passage way is again open.  This was yesterday celebrated by the Dutch Cyclist Union ( Specialy because it was a great succes after years of political battle.

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The passed through, which has allowed pedestrians and cyclists a shortcut across the city ever since the museum was built, was also closed during the renovation. The path is in a tunnel which runs through the museum and offering a unique and much-loved opportunity for Amsterdam’s cycle-loving citizens.

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