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Once we have received your property search request, we will first search in our own housing stock to see if we can make an appropriate match.But even if there are no objects available in our listings that meet your requirements, we still are able to offer a solution. Take on NK Housing Real Estate as your exclusive representative and benefit from our wide network of housing. We know all other real estate agents in town and around.

NK Housing Real Estate, as licensed broker, has access to all professional databases and is able to select properties that do meet your requirements easily and very efficient. Furthermore, by using our service this way, you will have a specialised real estate agent on your side who knows the market very well, knows how to negotiate and who will provide personal attention. You will be guided in finding the best house, signing the right lease agreement. You will receive assistance during the check in and afterwards. For instance with transferring the energy bills to your name.

After the letter of intent is signed by both the landlord and the tenant the rental agreement will be drawn up by one of our Real Estate brokers and a check in appointment will be made.

At the check in NK Housing Real Estate will take care of the inspection report. This inspection report ensures that there will be no misunderstandings during the check out between landlord and tenant about the delivery at the end of the agreement.

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Amsterdam Turns Green

Nice spring pictures of Amsterdam


instagram asmterdamming spring green10

instagram asmterdamming spring green8

instagram asmterdamming spring green1

instagram asmterdamming spring green3

instagram asmterdamming spring green11

instagram asmterdamming spring green7

instagram asmterdamming spring green4

instagram asmterdamming spring green5

instagram asmterdamming spring green2

These are some photos I took – via Instagram – in the last couple of days just walking down the street (you may find them all on Instagram if you search for #amsterdamming).
It is simply impossible not to be charmed by the delicate arrival of Spring in the city!

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For Rent

The broker specifically for expatriates!

Oude Waal, Amsterdam Lindenlaan, Amstelveen      Marga Klompelaan, Amsterdam      KNSM-Laan, AmsterdamDufaystraat, Amsterdam

Sometimes you walk into a house you take one look around and you think this is for me .

NK HOUSING REAL ESTATE gives u the same feeling!

News for DutchNews

Tax cut has not boosted home maintenance, builders say

Friday 10 May 2013


A temporary cut in thevalue-added tax rate on building renovations has failed to produce the hoped-for increase in orders, according to construction sector magazine Cobouw.

The btw tax rate on building labour was cut from 21% to 6% in March with the aim of encouraging people to spend money on home maintenance. The building sector’s economic institute estimated it could lead to an extra €600m in orders.

But most builders report no effect from the change, Cobouw reported. ‘The trick does not work any more,’ one person is quoted as saying. A similar cut in 2010 did produce an increase in orders.