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The Netherlands attract expats

The Netherlands wants to attract more talent from abroad.

The Netherlands must become a more attractive destination for talented foreign students, researchers and knowledge workers.

Knowlegde beeld

The Social and Economic Council published an advisory opinion entitled ‘Make it in the Netherlands!’, which underscores the importance of attracting and retaining talented foreign students. The government agrees with the SER that students – both international and Dutch – are a boon not only for institutions of higher education but also for the private sector and the Netherlands as a whole. The government notes, especially, that this could also result in a larger pool of skilled workers for certain sectors, like hi-tech R&D, without crowding out Dutch candidates on the labour market.

more information: Dutch News


Holiday park “Hoge Veluwe”

Spring photo safari

medium_hertje das

The park was purchased by Anton and Helene Kröller-Müller, a wealthy German-Dutch couple, in 1914. He wanted hunting grounds, she wanted a museum site. They got both. It was given to the state in 1930, and in 1938 a museum opened for Helene’s remarkable art collection. A visit to the park can fill an entire day, and even if you don’t have a bike, you can borrow one of the park’s hundreds of famous, free white bicycles.

On next friday, 17 may is there in the Durch National park “de Hoge Veluwe” a Spring photo safari.

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