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175 year of Artis

Zoo in bloom

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In 2013 it will be 175 years since Artis first opened its gates. Artis’s founders first began the construction of a city park containing animals in 1838. If you take a stroll through the zoo today, you’ll be walking past the same trees, plants and shrubs as millions of other visitors before you over the past 175 years. The saplings planted back then have grown into the huge forest giants of today.

Artis has become the green heart of Amsterdam, an oasis of peace and nature in the middle of the city. We want to celebrate that. Throughout 2013, Artis will be the most colourful and fragrant flower garden in the Netherlands. And wherever there are flowers, there is always a feeling of celebration – they create a very special atmosphere. Come and admire our colourful parade of 176,875 flowersand 36,000 plants. Take a spring walk among tens of thousands of crocuses, winter aconites, grape hyacinths and large groups of traditional Dutch stinsenplanten. Enjoy the flower beds full of daffodils, fritillaries, crown imperials and tulips.

Artis lovely animals

And there are more than 80 species of tulips around our gardens, including the unique Artis tulip, which was bred specially for our anniversary year. In 2013, Artis is going to be the most colourful and exquisitely attractive place in the whole of Amsterdam. The flowers will be blooming until late into the autumn and it’s going to be a riot of colour more vibrant than all our parrots, toucans and cockatoos put together. This is Artis’s gift to all its visitors. At 175 years old, Artis is still a park in bloom.

1 April to 31 October: 9 a.m. until 6 p.m
ZOOmeravonden (‘Summer Nights at the Zoo’, every Saturday during June, July and August): 9 a.m. until sundown
Zoo Artis in Amsterdam is 175 year.